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75th session of the UN General Assembly


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Sep 8, 2020
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Is that time of year, but unlike every other year World Leaders are not in New York due to Covid, but addresses the General Assembly from their home countries.

I think President Niinistö today nailed several of the issues the world faces today.

Another great adress. This time by President Kaljulaid.

This year the General Assembly comes with K-pop:

So I must admit I did not watch through Trumpy's adress. Just couldn't. Started funny though, for some reason Kelly Craft felt she had to iterate the American bottom line before introducing the President. She obviously didn't trust him to do it. So Trumpy looked bored, he probably didn't want to do the adress, but had to. Someone told him how bad it would be if he didn't. He immediately started to lie through his teeth, and that's when I decided I had better things to do than listen to his crap. I decided to not watch Putin's nor Winnie the Pooh's adresses. These three might be the most powerful men in the world, but they are all asshats.
Justin Trudeau is right.

Merkel has called for increasing the permanent seats in the Security Council. She of course wants Germany to have a permanent seat. Other countries wanting permanent seats are India and Brazil.
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