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"30 Days"

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Mar 27, 2005
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Wednesday, June 15th 2005, A new series started called "30 Days", the series is created by "Super Size Me" creator Morgan Spurlock, it finds different situations of every-day Americans. The situations that you'd look at and say "thank god, I'm not in that situation" and think little of it afterwards.

The first Episode is called "Minimum Wage", after the Grammies were over (and Morgan didn't win anything for "Super Size Me") Morgan decided to see how it was like living on minimum wage. So he and his girlfriend Alex (a vegan chef) froze all credit and insurance cards, gathered all cash and other extra non-essential goods, and placed them in a safe (which, I believe, was delivered to a bank for the time being and for safe keeping).
Knowing that if he'd stay in his area, that he'd have no problem with finding a job, or getting free items, Morgan and his girlfriend left their home in New York and traveled to Columbus Ohio, one of the poorest cities in America. Given only a slight budget to begin with, the couple had to find an Apartment, buy their own food, get their own jobs. Over a span of 30 Days, these two had many challenges they had to face and many unexpected twists and turns that they weren't prepared for.

Why are you telling me this, you ask?
Simply because this episode brought up a very good point. For years and years our cost for living has increased but, minimum wage has hasn't changed since 6-8 years ago. There has been a yearly bill in the Senate asking congress to raise minimum wage, in order to give the people a chance at life and taking some heavy weights off their shoulders, but every year it has been "Nayed".
I am for the increase of minimum wage and I urge all who have an indifferent opinion on this matter to watch this specific episode and see what these people had to go through in order to complete their task, of living a minimum wage life-style for 30 Days.

("30 Days" http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/originals/30days/main.html)
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