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1930's fascist coup de' ta plot in . . . The U.S.? Whaaa??? (1 Viewer)

Very interesting stuff. How true is it? No idea, but just shows you what the government is willing to hide from us.
Sounds like it would make a great book. Nothing more.

EDIT: Wow, got to edit that statement I was reading from wikipedia and to some extent it is true, parts of the American Legion were planning a coup but it was quickly averted thanks to a man named Smedly Butler.

The version orginally linked is a little fanciful when it talks about Divisions and such since the American Legion was a non military wing, but the underlying facts are quite try. It astounded me.

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The Idea of A Nazi Coup is just Propoganda to make People on their toes and scared, Nazism died With Hitler, But is mildly ressurected now but has no threat or power.
MiamiFlorida said:
Did you notice the article is really an ad to buy a publication called: "Facing the Corporate Roots of American Fascism"...?

Ya I know the main pg. is horse **** but the link that I used was pretty much out of a book, I heard about the whole thing on that weird America show on the history channel so I know there is some truth to it.

To Super:

Ya the Butler guy is a true American hero.

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