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170,000 Dead From Coronavirus But Here's What's Important to Trump

Slow news day? ^ :roll:

Trump is the worst president of my lifetime.
It's what your Dirtbag decided was important today.

You're off a month. Stop inventing the truth; fake news. ^
Trump talked about efficiency standards with companies like Whirlpool about a month ago.
Don't worry. Biden will bring them all back to life long enough to vote.

Maybe he'll tell his minions all about his plugs. :lol:
Everybody but the person paying the water bill hates water savers and even that person hates it when they are in the shower or having to plunge the hell out of their toilet.
Trump makes James Buchanon look good.

He is seriously the worst president ever.

We just watched a movie on Amazon Prime "Raising Buchanan"

The running joke in the (2019) movie was that Buchanan was the worst president.....and folks under their breath make snide comments.:lol:

Renee Auberjenois was Buchanan.
This thread came out on the 13th and there still isn't 170,000 dead. People like to round deaths up I see.
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