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1 arrest after 7 fentanyl-laced cocaine overdoses during West Point cadets’ spring break party (1 Viewer)


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Dec 3, 2017
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Broward vacation home turns into HAZMAT crime scene​

WILTON MANORS, Fla. – Detectives announced late Friday night that they had arrested a suspect in connection to seven overdoses of fentanyl-laced cocaine at a home in Broward County.

The victims included West Point cadets, according to the U.S. Military Academy. Three still remained hospitalized on Friday — including two whose condition were critical.

The group of college students on spring break from New York needed help shortly before 5 p.m. on Thursday, at a short-term rental, at 811 NW 29 Court in Wilton Manors.
I'm glad they use the past tense when talking about the W Pt students. Potential future Army etc officers don't have drug overdoses.
Ya'know, If you don't snort coke or smoke crack you probably won't accidentally OD on fentanyl.

Just sayin'.

1 arrest after 7 fentanyl-laced cocaine overdoses during West Point cadets’ spring break party​

Tsk tsk - ARMY: No doubt they just wanted to "BE ALL THAT THEY COULD BE!"
In related news, West Point announced that seven new cadet slots have opened up.

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