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‘Undersea Superiority is No Birthright’: Inside One of America’s Newest Subs (1 Viewer)

Rogue Valley

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Apr 18, 2013
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‘Undersea Superiority is No Birthright’: Inside One of America’s Newest Subs

As Russia, China beef up their submarine fleets, the defense secretary says the US needs to hustle to stay ahead....

The Chinese are all about denial, since they couldn't win a head-to-head confrontation against the US. Nevertheless, we need to continue to improve our technology.
More than 3 decades ago, I helped design a seismic system around the then just declassified
Navy technology. At that point our research vessel could count and locate any active seismic boat in
the Gulf of Mexico basin, (Yes, I know seismic boats are noisy).
I have little doubt that the Navy continued to improve on the technology.

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