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  • Things are gunna be worse. I worry about this and the next couple generations. It's like straight white working class males have been made out to be the next Jew, and this country is doing anything and everything it can to alienate them. They even alienate themselves in bullying the smarter ones while the grunts take pride in menial labor.

    Fiscal conservatives have completely sacrificed social conservatism just so they can make a buck, not thinking about what to turn money into or how the next generation can make a living playing by the rules. I wish people remembered how people work to live, not live to work.

    Anyway, I'm a customs broker. You can click on my conversation with neo to see what I wrote about that.

    Have you always lived in Florida?
    I hear ya. There are worse forums out there though. I've been at Politicsforum which is loaded with actual socialists who just go balls to the wall over everything. They have no sense of rule of law at all. Just expropriate this, expropriate that.

    I was at politicalcrossfire before Hotwire, fyi. That place was nuts too. It's politicalpanic now. Another load of liberals who play dumb over this, that, and the other thing just to drive you mad in teaching them one "lesson" after the next.

    What else have you been doing?
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