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    Bible Justifies Massacre?

    I agree completely.
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    Atheism: Why choose to be?

    Ok, that is what I thought you said, but I was confused because your post didn't answer the question being asked on this thread.
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    Where is the line between teaching tolerance and forcing your beliefs on others?

    I didn't read your articles, but I would think that is the writer of the articles is anti-homosexual, this might affect his ability /willingness to treat homosexuals fairly, be it for hiring, firing, etc. Allstate is probably concerned about expensive lawsuits being filed against them for...
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    Atheism: Why choose to be?

    Wouldn't that "feeling of safety" be an argument against atheism? People who are oppressed would, it seems, be MORE inclined to want to believe in God so they can look forward to their suffering being only temporary...
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    Atheism: Why choose to be?

    I am agnostic - not atheist - but my guess is that the reason atheists don't believe in God is because they have not been given sufficient evidence of God's existence (that which is supported by reason, common sense and/or science).
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    Explain your general worldview/belief system

    I was raised in a non-religious Catholic family. My mom made me and my brother go to church with my grandmother until she died, and then we never set foot in another Catholic church again until my father died. To be honest, all that emphasis on hell-fire and brimstones was alienating. My...
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    I don't mind people having their own systems for eating. I have friends who keep the laws of kashrut, those who are vegetarian, those who eat meat, and those who have food restrictions for medical reasons. I don't eat pork or shellfish, but my family does. I like having dinner parties and try...
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    Buying the 'big lie'

    What's your point? And just so you know, a lot of people will automatically dismiss anything that comes from worldnetdaily.com - they are known to make Fox news look liberal.
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    daddy & daughters

    I'm trying to imagine under what circumstances a daughter would be bothered by hearing her father make either of those statements to them. Perhaps some of you are over-analyzing this.
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    Christianity - the real target of hate in gay issue

    Hahaha! Saying Christianity is under constant attack and is somehow threatened reminds me of the Klu Klux Klan saying that white people are threatened by blacks, or anti-Semites claiming they are threatened by Jews who want to take over the world. Utter stupidity and paranoia. And I would...
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    daddy & daughters

    That is the silliest thing ever! Of course, if you want me to also engage in pop-pschology, I could point out that Kerry appears to be more interested in raising GOOD people, while Bush appears to be attempting to engage in some reverse psychology.
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    How would you like to die like this?

    Of course I do; I was not looking to debate you on this point - I only wanted clarification of your position to determine if you were making a Catholic argument. Sheesh!
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    Why is abortion "ok" for rape and incest?

    I don't really understand this argument because if I was never born, then I would obviously not grieve the fact that I didn't get to experience life. I don't think that the eggs in my ovaries are all consciously hoping to be fertilized.
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    How would you like to die like this?

    Birth control also prevents a pregnancy from developing; are you also opposed to birth control? (This is the position of Catholics.)
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    Morning After Pill Ban.

    Medical professionals define pregnancy as beginning when a fertilized ovum, which has developed to the blastocyst stage, has attached itself fully to the lining of the uterus. Mary Pendergast of the FDA stated that "The scientific and medical definition of abortion is after implantation [in the...
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