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    Any Christians for the Death Penalty?

    This might have been brought up before, I am sorry if it was. I just quickly skimmed the arguments. It is possible for a christian to support the death penalty. There is the Commandment "Thou shalt not MURDER." The common believe is that it says kill, but there was a mistranslation. By...
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    Trinity: Fact or Fiction?

    Thanks. I had no idea I had missed so many.
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    How would you like to be pregnant against your will?

    Let me rephrase that. By having sex you should be aware of having the consequences. If you do not then you should not have it. I do think "self-inflicted" conditions should be treated. But, if you are having sex, then you should know what can happen, and live with your mistakes. Not...
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    Could the United States Handle an earthquake

    Yes. We are quite prepared for an earthquake. California (Shake and Bake) has several earthquakes a year, whether they are big or small, it is all in the way the media shows it, and what the richtor scale shows. In the San Fransisco earthquake there was much damage, but we survived, and I...
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    How would you like to be pregnant against your will?

    I would hate to be pregnant against me own will. However, I have a strong belief that abortion is murder. By having sex, you know the consequences and that there is a chance of having a child. If you were raped, I would sympatize with you, if is I was in that position, I would go through with...
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    Trinity: Fact or Fiction?

    I am not certain but I think only Catholics believe in the trinity, or atleast the sign of the cross; so it is not as popolar of a belief as some may think. I am not sure either if there is evidence in the Bible, but we (Catholics) do belief there are other true religious texts. We have the...
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    A thought for you.

    Asking me how many children I have adopted is of no real relavence the abortion issue. I do think if you pregnaunt you should have the baby and give it for adoption if necessary. However, because I say this, am I required to abopt one? No. There are several families who can't have children...
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    Prove God's Existence

    There is not way to "prove" persay his existance. Yet there are several events that have occured which we can not explain. For example, how the earth or world was created. It needed an unmoved mover and people call that person their "god" and attribute other unexplained this to that person...
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    Do you believe that the phrase "Under God" should be in the Pledge of Allegiance?

    Re: Judge: Pledge of Allegiance Ruled Unconstitutional I would first of all like to state that I am extremely displeased by this decision. It is my belief that taking away ones right of saying the pledge in school is as wrong. The fact that a few people disliked "under God" should not have...
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    Why do we have morals?

    I recently found myself in an interesting discussion about morals and why we have them. So why do we? Are morals to keep us inline? Are they to get us to an after life? Or do we just have morals made into laws so a select group can benefit from them and get rich? Another point that was...
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    What do you think of Humans?

    I believe that we are born with innocence. The only thing that is a downside that we are born with is original sin, and that is if you believe in it. However, growing up you become aware of what you have, what others have, and you try to better your self. It is human nature to better...
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    :2wave: :rofl I love the emoticons. Anyways, I am into politics and ran an amateur debate forum and I think I am ready for some serious debating. I am really interested in law. I also love to write short stories and novellas.
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    The death penalty is actually quite merciful.

    I am not sure I would you call the death penalty "merciful." You are still killing human life and in my book that is wrong. I have have a high value on human life, and almost nothing is of equal value to it. I am in fact against the death penalty, so that may be clouding my judgment in this...
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