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    Saw Ann Coulter speak...

    No one should take Coulter seriously. Like Moore, Sheehan etc. she only rallies her base. She doesn't convince any liberals or moderates to come to the conservative side. She is just an entertainer. A good one though.
  2. KevinWan

    Various Republican Positions on Education

    I haven't been on this forum in a while! I'm baaack.. Anyway... as a Republican, I find myself outside the mainstream of the party regarding the issue of education. There are many ways, from a Republican perspective, to view the issue. States' rights comes into play, as does equality of...
  3. KevinWan

    Sharon close to death

    At this point... Sharon is currently on the operating table. Even if he survives this... it seems he may be waay to unhealthy and unstable to rule Israel. He is most definately going to have some type of paralysis and probably slurred speech/impared judgement. He will certainly not be running...
  4. KevinWan

    Erasing History?

    This is rather interesting... revisionist history is always important. And I always thought cotton was the most important fabric in American history...
  5. KevinWan

    Which party am I?

    Dstebbins... You wanna run for Congress... without partisan support??? Hate to burst your bubble but thats not really how it works... Sure, its legal and all to run without a party... but look at how many have tried and lost. The "little guy," Congressman sounds all fine 'n dandy, but it takes...
  6. KevinWan

    David Nevin's 1812

    Would anyone be interested in helping me? :smile: I'm supposed to read this book for history... 1812 by David Nevin. Its way too long and quite frankly I don't have the time to read it... Its supposed to be really good, and I guess alot of people have read it. Would anyone be interested in...
  7. KevinWan

    Neo-Nazis & Blacks Attack

    Sorry, I just figured since we're all "debating politics," that everyone had already heard the story. I just saw it on TV. I didn't even bother to look it up.
  8. KevinWan

    Neo-Nazis & Blacks Attack

    Not all, but some anti-war protesters are indeed radical, just on the opposite spectrum compared to the neo-nazis. This maked them comparable... they both are hardcore leftists or rightists. Cindy Sheehan had some pretty far-left things to say. America never did anything good, her son died...
  9. KevinWan

    Neo-Nazis & Blacks Attack

    Um... ok... why is that so obvious?? The nazis were excersising their constitutional rights, blacks go crazy. Conservatives dont riot at war-protesters. Liberals don't riot at pro-war rallies (well.... most of the time). I don't think its just "obvious" that a protest would lead to mass chaos.
  10. KevinWan

    Neo-Nazis & Blacks Attack

    Toledo Ohio. Today, a neo-nazi demostration appears to have upset the Toledo black community, throwing them into riots. A tavern was burned, and baseball sized rocks were thrown at emergency management and various other things/people. The Nazis, I heard, had actually attracted educators...
  11. KevinWan

    As we grow older

    Sorry, but ur info is wrong. I also admire your lack of a citation for it. I found this: http://instapundit.com/archives/014093.php I could probably find a billion other websites either supporting my position or yours. Then I could find those that say there is no link with intelligence...
  12. KevinWan

    My New Blog :-)

    Thanks! Tell others to read!
  13. KevinWan

    As we grow older

    I always thought it was the other way around... liberals were high-school drop outs. Those who don't attend college were liberals. It is more likely to do with their poor economic status. Those with higher levels of education tend to be more wealthy and hence conservative. Thats how I always...
  14. KevinWan

    My New Blog :-)

    I decided I'd start a blog. It just started yesterday... but just thought I'd try to get some people other than myself to actually look at it. Its a little bland so far, it is only a day old. But it sounded like fun, and I hope it turns out ok. http://theliberalwrong.blogspot.com/ Have fun!
  15. KevinWan

    If election 2004 were held today, who would you vote for?

    I'm still with George W all the way.
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