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  1. Johnny

    Is an affair a dealbreaker

    I'd stay. I would cheat back though. The sneaking around part is what would bother me. I wouldn't mind an open relationship or swinging. If she gets variety then so should I. It all depends. But for me an affair is not a deal breaker. Not in and of itself.
  2. Johnny

    Mandatory military service?

    It would not cripple the nation. In garrison you are still working. Also if those folks leave you are left with people that WANT to be there which is better. People should not be forced into service ever. It has happened in the past and it was a mistake.
  3. Johnny

    Mandatory military service?

    Absolutely not. I would also (if it were up to me) do away with the contracts the way they are and allow service member to quit UNLESS they are in a warzone. If a war is for a good cause people WILL volunteer. When we have wars we shouldn't be in like this people will be less inclined to join...
  4. Johnny

    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    Aslo, not everyone has loved ones.
  5. Johnny

    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    It's more selfish to guilt trip someone out of suicide than it is let them them decide. It's more selfish to attempt to force one to live just because you can't come to terms with them being in control of their life to include their death.
  6. Johnny

    Student kills himself after gay sex footage put online

    No it's not. It's your life. Everyone has a different limit on what they can take. There is nothing wrong with commiting suicide when you can't take life anymore.
  7. Johnny

    Bill Kevorkian Gates on Death Panels

    Dr. Jack Kevorkian is a great man. He did a great thing for people. The fcat he was imprisoned is a travesty.
  8. Johnny

    Should we move away from abstinence only sex education?

    It doesn't really affect her though. The family is wealthy. She can afford a kid. Just saying.
  9. Johnny

    Worst American Presidents

    As much as I can't stand Obama if ANYBODY tries to say that Obama is the worst president they are a moron IMHO.
  10. Johnny

    Neo-Nazi Couple Find Out They're Jewish

    Actually they may have Jewish ancestry but that doesn't make the a Jews. The Jews practice the Jewish faith. It's still pretty funny though. I hate racisism. Life is too short to hate others over skin color and religion.
  11. Johnny

    Worst American Presidents

    Here are more of Abe's true colors.
  12. Johnny

    Worst American Presidents

    Nope. The states had/have a right to secede. He had no right to keep the states united by force.
  13. Johnny

    Worst American Presidents

    Abe Lincoln Suspended Habeas Corpus Allowed Union troops to commit war crimes National take over of private industry 600,000 plus killed And more Abe said: "if I could save the union without freeing a single slave I would do it. If I could save the union by freeing all the slaves I would do...
  14. Johnny

    Are White People an oppressed minority?

    No race is oppressed in America today. Some individuals of all colors are discriminated against from time to time but I wouldn't say any whole race is oppressed. So, no.
  15. Johnny

    Transgender senior can't be king

    It's up to the comnpany what they cover is it not?
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