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  • About your latest response to one of my posts, I had forgotten that you are from Knoxville, sorry.
    We drove through Savannah several times, it is down by the Al MS border. I believe we drove through Parsons as well, looking for property around Halloway (ims). That was a beautiful place, very secluded and private. Too bad they has roaming dogs driving to, and confederate flags going out.
    The good thing he's done is let the big cities do their own thing. We have a mask mandate in Knoxville, and they are voting today I think about shutting down bars and more limits to restaurants.

    But I have been disappointed in the last couple of weeks that his 'leadership' has been basically - let it do what it wants.... and some of the smaller cities around us are seeing huge relative spikes. Not big numbers, but when measured by population, and all those cases feed into our local healthcare system. So we're seeing local hospitalizations spike even as Knoxville is pretty flat in that metric.
    Good morning. Did you read the latest?
    Tennessee resists White House COVID-19 recommendations - WBBJ TV
    There goes hoping he'd do the right thing
    I like the way you stand up for your positions in debate, regardless of how others attempt to distort them.
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