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    New Director of the FBI Recommendation

    What I remember is great handling of a crises. Bloviating excessively afterwards does not diminish his handling in the crises. It seems wrong to exclude him from a position that he could handling very well, as evidenced by his past, simply because you don't want to hear him bloviate about it...
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    Do you support Universal Basic Income?

    Interesting idea. Of course, the developed world would pick up the tab presumably, with everyone contributing since the poorest American, Australian, Brit, etc., is wealthy compared to the 2 billion living on $2/day. So it probably won't happen. And direct payments, perhaps through the...
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    Science vs. Science™!

    That makes no sense to me. It seems that you narrowly define proper science as that which your political associates determine to be proper science. That doesn't seem to fit the philosophy of science and the inherent skepticism in science. If something like golden rice, corporately developed...
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    Science vs. Science™!

    Not sure that you read the article. I would be as worried about someone who is "ardent" about "intelligent design" as I would about someone like Paul Krugman who wrote a book called The Conscience of a Liberal. Scientists are supposed to be objective and follow the evidence where it leads and...
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    [W:256]What is a Liberal?

    Re: What is a Liberal? Glad to hear that you were tongue in cheek on your definitions. I have increasing trouble understanding why we talk about extreme right to extreme left when a more interesting spectrum is between libertarian/anarchist/individualism to statism/govt...
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    The First 100 Days

    The SCOTUS is no small thing by itself. But he has also changed the tone and contributed to the rise in the stock market, the decrease in undocumented immigration, a reduction in gun sales, EO regarding new regulations, pulling back from the 7 wars that he inherited, and increased political...
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    Are American Voters Actually Just Stupid?

    Instapundit Glenn Reynolds said exactly that in USA Today article about rating Trump's 100 days. He gave him an A+ on the grounds that he was not Hillary and he continued to not be Hillary throughout his 100 days. Does he really need to do more?
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    [W:256]What is a Liberal?

    Re: What is a Liberal? Not really interested in playing semantic games. A lot of people would call her liberal and a lot of self described liberals voted for her. She called herself a progressive once so I guess that puts her in with Teddy Roosevelt's "wise progressivism and wise conservatism...
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    [W:256]What is a Liberal?

    Re: What is a Liberal? I agree. My question was rhetorical as I don't believe in calling anyone names based simply on some comments or votes. Hate the comments but not the person. Anymore I am happy if I agree with a candidate 60%. Not sure that Trump broke 40% approval from me.
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    [W:256]What is a Liberal?

    Re: What is a Liberal? Well, maybe in the same sense that Trump attempted to motivate his base by talking about illegal immigrants. He was called by many a hater because of that comment and rightfully so as it was a hateful comment. He should have been more selective. Hillary called half of...
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    Is there a difference between legal and illegal immigration to you?

    Two separate things. I believe in sovereignty and that a government can make choices as to the people that are allowed into the country. I further believe that social customs are a much more powerful force than laws and therefore a government should not allow more people into the country than...
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    [W:256]What is a Liberal?

    Re: What is a Liberal? I can't say that I have not met liberals like that and conservatives like that but you should understand that you are grossly exaggerating. A lot of people who call themselves liberals absolutely hate anyone who disagrees with them and dehumanize them. Hillary claimed...
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    [W:256]What is a Liberal?

    Re: What is a Liberal? A liberal economic policy should understand the problem with the commons and understand that just because something is shared by all and no one is paying for it that a person can abuse it. Such as air, water, etc. A liberal economic policy should have some way of...
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    [W:256]What is a Liberal?

    Re: What is a Liberal? I like your list and have no objections to it. It is classical liberalism that seems to no longer fit the more common modern definition of liberalism which in my mind is anti individual liberties and very authoritarian, statist, and regimented. Freedom of speech means...
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    Vote For Me You Racist, Inbred Morons

    And yet, oddly, it is the anti-Trump people who think that the opposition is hateful and xenophobic. "O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!"
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