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    Erase One Major U.S. Event

    Hitler’s regime did permit the expatriation of Ashkenazim at one point – about 60,000 departed for Palestine in the 1930’s, before WWII started and the Nazi regime’s official line was that the Ashkenazim had engineered it, at which point the Final Solution was put into effect. The transfer plan...
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    Poll: Tea Party GOP, Obama nearly tied for leader of choice

    I'd be more tolerant of the Tea Party if they really invested in across-the-board small-government conservatism and didn't act as a party constituency. But given what people think about their contribution to the election, I see them acting like a faction. I'd like to be able to count myself as a...
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    White Supremacy, are you kidding?

    White nationalist/supremacist doctrines are based on their belief in genetic superiority, and have intense hatred of inter-racial relationships based on their contributions to "miscegenation" and all that nasty ****. Blacks can't reproduce that, since the average African-American is 20% white...
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    Navy Bootcamp experiance and my opinions

    Would you agree that stepping onto the Reaper has the same quintessential symbolism of approaching this momentous journey that stepping onto those yellow footprints does? cpwill, you're 03XX? How's that?
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    Navy Bootcamp experiance and my opinions

    WI Crippler, when were you in? I'm told by some that the Crucible made things that much more unpleasant, and from other people that it was nothing. Also, hump waiver or Hollywooder? :)
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    Racist Crowd boos L.A. police chief

    "Racist" against what? Those people are mixed-blooded mestizos; are they "racist" against their own white admixture, even though it looks like their indio admixture dominates? Also, you people who called the Guatemalan man "Mexican" are the reason why I'm unwilling to go south of Flagstaff at...
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    Taliban hang 7-year-old boy accused of being a spy

    I think he gave up talking about them because those beliefs were increasingly unpopular. Anyway, Reconstructionists are very clear that they'd be willing to do those things if they had the opportunity. Less extreme conservatives should logically be committed to that if they actually believed in...
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    Taliban hang 7-year-old boy accused of being a spy

    He no longer espouses them because he's dead. I'm not even talking about specific figures; I mean their ideologies in general. I could see Dobson and Falwell's conservative evangelical Protestantism in place of a more moderate but still religiously authoritarian Islamic code in many Muslim...
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    What should be given because of ancestral claims?

    What's important is the influence of past actions on current affairs, and from a libertarian view, the influence of past instances of aggression on current negative effects in the livelihoods of people, when the consequences of that aggression are perpetuated by lack of reparations. That's why...
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    The Fallacy of human Rights in Warfare

    My life is fine. I know what I have the strength to change and what I don't, and I don't waste time struggling with a two-party system that will remain entirely the same without any input from me, when I can spend that time on meaningful relationships with friends and family, enjoying a good...
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    The Fallacy of human Rights in Warfare

    Well, no. It belongs to you a lot less than the top-level administrators in the executive branch of the federal government that make the decisions usually attributed to "the country." You are describing things that you as an individual have marginal influence over, marginality to the point of...
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    FBI: Mexican soldiers used rifles to chase off U.S. Border Patrol

    Well, the circle jerk certainly made me see the light of day. :rofl
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    FBI: Mexican soldiers used rifles to chase off U.S. Border Patrol

    No, it's an accurate characterization of the kind of belligerent nationalism/chauvinism I see in this thread. If you don't like that, you should talk to your fellow nationalists. There are more accurate 's' words that could be used for description here, actually. There's no such thing as an...
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    The Fallacy of human Rights in Warfare

    The fact is that if you and I had never existed, absolutely nothing in government foreign policy would be different. You shouldn't try to claim control or ownership over something you don't even have the slightest influence over, let alone administration of. I agree with your more humane...
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