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  • It happens, I was going to stop by but haven't had much time lately.
    The best way to draw a reader is to make a "eye catching" statement followed by pithy commentary.
    I'll follow up on it tonight I think.
    Thanks for widening my perspective. I will look for "1491" at the book store, it looks like a very interesting read. And I concur with speaking truth to power! I have tried to do that throughout my life.
    My hat is off to you my friend. I have much respect for native Americans. I think they were much wiser in the need for conservation of our resources, and think our founders treated them terribly. My family immigrated from Germany after that time. Other wise I would be doubly shamed by our actions.
    No, I live near Catawba, VA and Little Catawba Creek. The Catawba tribe used to travel through this area on hunting trips. I've found several arrowheads and one spearhead on our place that may have been made by them.

    What tribe are you from?
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