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  1. Bin Forgotton

    911 Conspiracy

    150+ 9/11 Smoking Guns found in Main Stream Media http://killtown.911review.org/911smokingguns.html 150 mainstream news articles leading up to and beyond 9-11. All with links.
  2. Bin Forgotton

    Mommy, is that a cropduster?

    So why to many people want to forgive or look the other way over corruption,(its just always been that way)and at the same time practicly thank the corrupt goverment(fascist) for taking rights and freedoms from them? Hmmm, England, with 4.5 million cameras in London?. We are Imperilist and...
  3. Bin Forgotton

    Mommy, is that a cropduster?

    This threads not about the US occupation of Iraq.
  4. Bin Forgotton

    Mommy, is that a cropduster?

    Bush does advocate torture. Problem is, anyone will say anything you want under torture. Plenty of false confessions. And the small matter of it being against the Geneva Convention. http://www.americanprogress.org/site/pp.asp?c=biJRJ8OVF&b=246536 And as far as forced inoculation goes, if you...
  5. Bin Forgotton

    Mommy, is that a cropduster?

    Do you work for the pharma industry? It always amazes me, that as citizens are having thier constitutional rights taken away, the applaud big goverment for doing so.
  6. Bin Forgotton

    Clinton Laid the Groundwork for Bush

    Someone who see's it as it is! AMEN! Like professional wrestling, it's basicly a fake fight. Both sides are heading toward the same agenda. Fascism and One World Order. George senior said a One World Order himself, but even though the words came out of his mouth, those who refuse to see won't...
  7. Bin Forgotton

    Mommy, is that a cropduster?

    Ya don't have to worry about forced vaccinations anyway. They just crop dust ya.
  8. Bin Forgotton

    Mommy, is that a cropduster?

    It means that, if an American is injured by an experimental flu or anthrax vaccine he or she is mandated to take, that citizen will be banned from exercising the Constitutional right to a jury trial even if it is revealed that the vaccine maker engaged in criminal fraud and negligence in the...
  9. Bin Forgotton

    Mommy, is that a cropduster?

    Keeping a eye on goverment is a very enlighnting pastime. Are you ready for your SHOT? Or maby spraying? Kinda like being cropdusted. But not to worry, BIG BROTHER LOVES you. http://www.nvic.org/PressReleases/101905Burrbill.htm http://usinfo.state.gov/gi/Archive/2005/Oct/04-506929.html
  10. Bin Forgotton

    There has never been a "War on Drugs" ... Lets Be CLEAR

    Legalazation of drugs is worth looking at. But I really do get tired of people saying pot is harmless. Its gotton much stronger over the years, and in some people can cause acute parinioa. This can affect everything from interaction with others, driving, and possibly violence. Cocaine? Come on...
  11. Bin Forgotton

    Bush wants to Spray

    Everyone comfortable with this in the event of a outbreak? I'm not. But then I dont trust my big brother all that much. He always got along well with my rich cousin, but he never seemed to care for me that much. http://usinfo.state.gov/gi/Archive/2005/Oct/04-506929.html
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