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    Sign the Voters Bill of Rights

    Here's something I think everyone can get behind. http://stayinformed.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=480&mode=&order=0&thold=0
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    CIA Memo

    The only problem with that is, I haven't heard of any such leaks which turned out to be false. In fact it's been the opposite, the leaks have lead to findings of maliciousness or outright incompetence on the part of high level officers and members of the administration. By the way do you know...
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    CIA Memo

    Well there's quite a bit wrong with this. A prime example is the build up to the war in Iraq. The whole time there were members of the intelligence community contesting information being put out by this administration and the main stream media. One prime example was Joe Wilson the agent sent...
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    Ohio Recount

    Here's some more info on this. http://stayinformed.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=472
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    Bush picks Gonzales to replace Ashcroft

    To justify why you'd break international law and treaties to me is moot. That's not what I'm getting into, what we're talking about is a lawyer that's slick enough to do such things actually becoming this nations top lawyer. In effect we're promoting lawlessness. We'll get into the other...
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    Moore to make sequel to 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

    Here's a study done after the election that illustrates the different beliefs of Bush and Kerry supporters. http://www.pipa.org/OnlineReports/Pres_Election_04/Report10_21_04.pdf Our media is a huge problem. 6 corporations own 80% of all media. That's why it's important fight back against...
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    Bush picks Gonzales to replace Ashcroft

    What they're saying is that the Geneva Conventions are obsolete. They're claiming that detainies at Guantanamo don't qualify for protection under the Geneva Convention because they're not from any particular country or government. They go on to conclude that it is also necessary in the "War On...
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    Bush picks Gonzales to replace Ashcroft

    If I was worried about Ashcroft I'm horrified by Gonzales. This is the same lawyer that justified the breach of international law which brought forth the use of torture by our armed forces. Here's a page with some information regarding Gonzales...
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    Al Qaeda Warns of Bush, Cheney Consequence

    It is not natural to hate. Hate is not something that one is born with it is something learned and developed. Therefor it is absolutely necessary to understand where hate comes from. Read it from the horses mouth. Read Bin Ladens latest transcript...
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