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    Pelosi receives Communion in Vatican amid abortion debate

    We didn't hear of any preists committing suicide
  2. Bear5131

    Pelosi receives Communion in Vatican amid abortion debate

    Nancy's husband is a bishop???
  3. Bear5131

    Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

  4. Bear5131

    NATO formally invites Sweden and Norway to join

    I am confused what is this topic about, Trump wants a turkey sandwich from Sweden and Norway????
  5. Bear5131

    For liberals,why do you vote for Democrats?

    Just curious, I want to understand the liberal mind. Americans not only divided, but baffled by what motivates their opponents View the report as a PDF By Eric Plutzer and Michael Berkman As it became clear that Democrats would win control of the U.S. House of Representatives, pundits...
  6. Bear5131

    America 2050

    Obama I got a pen and a phone, step in the back of the bus.. As you were saying who doesn't want to compromise?
  7. Bear5131

    America 2050

    1. I am posting on topic 2. Youre not posting on topic, just trolling your own thread with some biased retarded presidents list 3. All those biased idiots are wrong, Trumps legacy continues , obamas does not even his Obama care mandate is gone Once again Obama made Wallstreet rich and left...
  8. Bear5131

    Chinese father breaks down after son he tutored daily for a year scores a 6/100 on math exam

    Hahahaha!! It's not the student, it's the teacher A Chinese father who reportedly tutored his son daily for a year went viral for bursting into tears after his son scored six out of 100 points on a math exam. The child’s parents from Zhengzhou, Henan Province, received his test score on...
  9. Bear5131

    When FDR threatened to pack to court to get Social Security passed

    All they do is interpret the constitution they could care less about your " feelings"
  10. Bear5131

    America 2050

    All raising the federal minimum wage is, which the liberals want is every one poor, everyone miserable
  11. Bear5131

    A court in Japan says the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional

    Oh please...not interested in people playing games
  12. Bear5131

    America 2050

    LMAO what a bunch of BS rankings, Obama made Wallstreet rich and left main Street behind
  13. Bear5131

    Texas To Defend Sodomy Law If Supreme Court Strikes Down Lawrence v Texas

    The Supreme Court shouldn't of ever gone against the will of the people and democracy.
  14. Bear5131

    A court in Japan says the ban on same-sex marriage is constitutional

    Once again Government got into the game of marriage they had no bussiness in. Why da **** is judges marrying people? What happened to separation of church and state?
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