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    Is it now time for America to bomb England in the name of freedom, justice, peace ?

    The real reason... http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Technology/securitycrisis2nobel.html
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    Why Terrorist are angry with America!

    The real reason... http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Technology/securitycrisis2nobel.html
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    I believe you, but they were in the U.S. doing they'r research. My guess is that many or most will stay in the U.S.. Getting back to the original point, is the research Chinese or American? Which society nurtures it, pays for it and gets to use it... which produces it? Einstein was a european...
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    Should the U.S. leave NATO?

    Now that the Cold War is over, I wondered what benefit, on balance, accrued to the U.S. for being in NATO. It seems to me most of our allies have little military ability and less inclination to use it. In addition, it seems all we are doing is providing a subsidy for the european nanny state.
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    Which was the worst, Homa, Srebrentisa or Abu Ghraib? Which got the most attention?

    I just wondered, in relationship to the loss of human life, which was the worst and which got the most press coverage?
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    Capitalism is an economic system. Your butt is the affair of yourself and your proctologist. The rest is just that I suspect you are a person who likes typing for it's own virtues, the content, or it's relevance be damned.
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    That's funny, because the official name of the country refers to it as an Islamic Republic... maybe you hsould tell the mulahs of their error.
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    Well lets see if they can... this really is my point. Here to for, in the modern world, no society has suceeded in reaching high levels of creeativity without oraganizing their societies around the individual being superior to the group. This is exactly opposite how things are in asian...
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    I am unawre of what you mean by the "latest technology is always been in Asia." Having the latest cell phone is not what I'm talking about. For instance, Asians manufacture a great number of cell phones. The designs for the chips used in those phones as well as the technologies those phone...
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    Basic science and technology are cutting edge, the primary discoveries upon which appications are made. The space program as practiced by Japan is derivative, it relies primarily on the basic discoveries of others. This is all well known.
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    And so what does this have to do with the topic?
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    Who is more valuable to the planet?

    Is it 1.2 million muslims or 14 millin jews? Could this be the real reason muslims and europeans hate the Jews? http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Technology/securitycrisis2nobel.html P.S. I'm not Jewish and yes, this is a valid, even essential point of discussion. ;)
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    What will they do after oil?

    The recent U.N report on the state of development in the M.E., combined with the World Bank report of global indexs of human development reveal that most oil producing states have completely failed in the areas of societal developement. Which makes me wonder, what will happen to them as the...
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    What will happen with Muslim world if US attack Iran?

    Contrary to what many believe, the U.S. will never attack Iran. Persians, unlike Arabs who are very submissive to authority, have a long history of overthrowing their own governments. The current Iranian goverment is incompent, hated by most of it's population and is now relying on stolen...
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