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  1. Allan

    New poll has Abbott up by 19 points

    A republican leading in Texas! Will wonders never cease.
  2. Allan

    the breakfast thread

    Add a tsp of peanut butter. Takes the bitterness out of bland vegetables.
  3. Allan

    the breakfast thread

    Leftover guacamole on toast topped with soft poached eggs. Gotta use up that guacamole...it's expensive! Avocado lives matter.
  4. Allan

    the breakfast thread

    :ROFLMAO: Ditto for kale.
  5. Allan

    Liz Truss already out as British PM

    They are an elected dictatorship.
  6. Allan

    Liz Truss already out as British PM

    It's spelled 'Noble' ya illiterate ignoramus.
  7. Allan

    Liz Truss already out as British PM

    This whole thing is disastrous for the Conservatives, who are currently 36 points down in the polls. They could lose hundreds of seats the next election.
  8. Allan

    Canada National Dental Care Program

    Boo hoo.
  9. Allan

    Where is the LOLCritters thread?

    The drooling from that many Newfoundlands in one place can result in flash floods.
  10. Allan

    the lunch thread

    Chocolate Boost 😐
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