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US Sanctions Threaten Social Security in Sudan


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Oct 17, 2012
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Speaker of the National Assembly, Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer revealed, in his meeting here yesterday with members of the National Group for Human Rights, headed by Ibrahim Abdel Halim, revealed that the US sanctions and economic embargo on Sudan had a negative impact on the Sudanese economy, represented a greater threat to social security and kept Sudan in poverty and underdevelopment circle.
Prof. Omer called for the importance of changing the approach that is being dealt with the file of the American economic ban by moving the various sectors of the society, besides a diplomatic move to explain to the influential countries the social, political and economic impact caused by the embargo on Sudan. He pointed out that the time is appropriate to make efforts in order to lift economic sanctions through diplomatic activation, activity of Sudan missions and contact with regional and international organizations. He said there should be direct dealing between the Government of Sudan and the United States to reach understandings about how to correct their relationship and accelerate the integration of the Sudanese economy in the international financial system.
For his part, Abdul-Halim reviewed the role played by the group
in this regard, stressing the importance of the cooperation of all government, popular parties, and civil society organizations in order to clarify the size of the damage on the Sudan as a result of the blockade and to work to reduce foreign interventions in the internal affairs of the country.
He pointed to the preparations of the group to organize an international day against sanctions on weak states in Geneva next September.
Prof. Omer praised the great effort exerted by the group in documenting the experience of Sudan, stressing the state support for the efforts of Sudanese civil society groups.
On the other hand, Prof. Omer listened to enlightenment on the activities of the People's Friendship Council presented by the Secretary General, Engineer Abdel Moneim Ahmed.
Ahmed stressed the importance of cooperation between the council and the Parliament on the popular diplomacy, calling for the establishment of a joint committee to coordinate in the field of external action, noting that the council initiative to collect all the spiritual leaders in Africa, which held its conference in Uganda last year, has achieved great success, pointing out that they intend to form executive body of these leaders so they can play their part in addressing the major international organizations.Sudan Vision Daily - Details
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