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    Should the kkk be able to practice?

    your last sentence puzzles me and makes me think you havn't read the thread at all. if you read the thread you will see that the one of the few people who think that they should not be able to practice at all is jamesrage, i personally wouldn't have the balls to call him a lefty to his face ;)
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    A failed attempt by the British.

    i feel like a loser having to post my thing twice but does nobody agree with me that him fleeing and not facing a court to tell his piece was wrong?
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    Anti-Freedom fighters

    fair enough.
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    Anti-Freedom fighters

    its not really a protestant -v- catholic thing, its loyalists -v- republicans. some great republican heroes were protestant. but substitute protestant with loyalist and i agree with your point. republicans are fighting for equality, while loyalists are fighting for supremacy.
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    Media Bias: Can't show Blacks as Criminals

    don't agree with you there, bbc may as well be called tony blair news imo.
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    who would get to vote on leaving iraq

    even the ones that volunteered to go there do not *WANT* to be there, if there was no war they wouldn't think "i want to go to iraq and kill those people" they are serving their countries wishes which i can respect. i hope you see my point, i am saying they are there because they are serving...
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    Michael Moore's lies exposed

    :rofl that was good, the minute i read the first post i was going to say something along the lines of that but you put it well.
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    Anti-Freedom fighters

    the R.I.R.A (real IRA) did. by Real IRA was the name of them, i don't mean "the genuine IRA" or anything. they carried out a bombing/shooting campaign in london in the 70's and bombed several cities in Northern Ireland.
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    Anti-Freedom fighters

    gdalton. does the same go for the IRA? or were they truly freedom fighters in your opinion?
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    who would get to vote on leaving iraq

    LMAO, you asked the question, why ask if none of it matters? impotent... that was mature... i'm speaking on behalf of iraqis because i have seen the amount demonstrating against the occupation and i have also seen them blowing themselves up to get the troops out of there, did you miss all of...
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    "Switzerland is the Most Contemptible Among the Enemies of Islam"

    you'd be pretty paranoid too if countries were invading yours. i suppose the same goes for londoners and americans scared of getting blown up by terrorists, completely paranoid....
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    Why do they hate us?

    a bit behind the times there mikeey, the IRA is no more, and whats more i know plenty of "republicans" that don't have very much good to say about america. and need i remind you of bush snubbing sinn fein on paddys day?
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    Why do Athiests and other non-god believing people have a problem with religion/god?

    Re: Why do Athiests and other non-god believing people have a problem with religion/g no worries :smile: the claim (from my P.O.V) is that god exists, you think that the claim is that you recovered from alcoholism on your own, i see where you are coming from but i'm confident this is just...
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    if the insurgents used the same methods i.e. suicide bombings and drive by shootings but only targeted military and not civilians would you consider them to be terrorist?
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    who would get to vote on leaving iraq

    letting the american people decide is terrible in my humble opinion, why should they get to say whether a country has a bunch of soldiers armed to the teeth in their territory? i wouldn't worry mikeey, the iraqis want them out as much as/more than they want to go home.
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