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    Teen kills mom of 11

    I agree with the second part but not the first. I don't see how this puts his guilt in question. He was a carrear criminal. One piece of evidence not applied to him to me doesn't make him any less guilty imo.
  2. texmaster

    Teen kills mom of 11

    Dan that is not true. They never proved he was innocent of the crime.
  3. texmaster

    New Jersey high court rejects bid to recall senator

    I have to say I disagree. The people's power should not be limited to every election. 6 years is a long time to wait and watch the damage continue without any recourse by the people. She accused the court of "judicial activism" and said the majority of the justices disregarded a 1995...
  4. texmaster

    Terrorist found not guilty

    Oh yes. Make sure you check under your bed tonight for "the man"
  5. texmaster

    The "Ben Bernank" Cartoon Video

    Cute and Fuzzy characters explain the Fed The Ben Bernank Cartoon Video
  6. texmaster

    California court rules illegal immigrants can pay in-state tuition

    I dont understand how you are torn. They are here illegally. So if they don't get caught for 3 years that makes it ok?
  7. texmaster

    Arizona voters approve medical marijuana measure

    A very excellent and important point about TCH.
  8. texmaster

    Arizona voters approve medical marijuana measure

    I have to disagree that its not a government issue to ban drugs. You legalize a drug you will increase the usage. Even San Franciso with all its liberalism shut down the pot shops because of the incredible abuse of the system.
  9. texmaster

    Ted Koppel slams Fox News for being as partisan and biased as MSNBC

    My God what a false statement. Care to back that up?
  10. texmaster

    School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike

    He did say he puts it away every night but that could have been in the video.
  11. texmaster

    School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike

    Then you attack the source of the racist Hispanics who claim the flag itself is a sign of racism. You assumed those white kids were displaying the flag based on race instead of national pride. It was an unproven and false theory.
  12. texmaster

    School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike

    How exactly am I being played? You already ducked my question about the actual subject of the flag and why this is approperiate to discuss. As you can see many of us actually do care when someone claims the flag is a subject of racial tension.
  13. texmaster

    Ending US military gay ban 'won't harm war effort'

    Thats funny because I was about to say the same to you. The reversal he was referring to was to allow the current law to remain in effect. That is a reversal to suspending it. And he is right again when he said the Obama administration pushed to keep the current law in place until the...
  14. texmaster

    DNA test casts doubt on executed Texas man's guilt

    Can you point to anyone who has ever said its never wrong or are these nonsensical claims just going to repeat themselves? Not every country can vote for the candidate Al Qeada wants in power under the threat of an attack.
  15. texmaster

    DNA test casts doubt on executed Texas man's guilt

    So India, South Korea, the Philipines and Japan are somehow savage countries Deuce?
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