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    Investigators recommended disciplining Gitmo commander

    Is it torture no. What do you get from these actions. The general was living out some sick fantasy he had on these prisoners. There was nothing to gain by making these prisoners do this. This incident speaks volumes on the character and mental stability of this officer. He is not fit to lead.
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    Dad kills 3 year old toddler because he thought toddler was gay.

    The mother definitely shoulders a lot of the responsibility of this child's death. What type of mother allows her child to be beaten. The man oh what to do what to do. I don't think in this instance the death penalty is wrong. He killed a child that could not defend himself. The reason is...
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    The Patriot Act

    Government programs to help the less fortunate are essential to the survival of this country. How do you expect seniors to live without social security. You have thousands of workers every year that lose jobs because greedy corporate leaders steal pensions. How do you expect factory workers to...
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