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    Fox News Reports

  2. J

    Fox News Reports

    I for one understand the network and can read between the lies but sometimes im like damn fox just tell the truth...
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    USA. News reactions to latest mass shootings.

    I no longer want a clue get rid of them all since the right always says the dems are going to take your guns it will be nice to see them actual DO IT. They want because they are still overall a weak ass party.
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    Cable News Network This is (CNN)

    There is never closure only questions welcome to the internet...
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    China in the 21st Century

    China is buying up the world https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/27/world/middleeast/china-iran-deal.html
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    USA. News reactions to latest mass shootings.

    No just the military grade ones on other thought yes BAN them all yes violate the HIPAA laws this nonsense needs to STOP.
  7. J

    USA. News reactions to latest mass shootings.

    Did not make this connection... But good point. Even though this asshole is a us citizen?
  8. J

    Dems and Gop can't agree on crap and independents have no power.

    Just join the GOP already dude and hand them the power back. This guy needs to be voted out next time he is up for election
  9. J

    Grand Old Party in the 21st. Century (Thanks for nothing)

    This is how the GOP thinks wasting time on bullshit there is no news story here yet they so upset. Why?
  10. J

    MSNBC Reports the news!

    Mitch is a horrible do nothing "leader".
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    Fox News Reports

  12. J

    Worst Congress EVER

    Mitch needs to go...
  13. J

    Cable News Network This is (CNN)

    Wtf we should know is a pure act of evil
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