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    Ex-press secretary says ‘paranoid’ Trump had ‘off the books’ meetings to keep details out of archives

    Didn't realize you thought Trump and a sizable portion of Republican voters were evil. Learn something new every day I guess.
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    Conservative Koch network disavows critical race theory bans

    So, do you ACTUALLY believe in a white race?
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    Sidney Powell, Kraken legal team face sanctions, court costs and potential disbarment over election lawsuit

    Conspiracy theories are self perpetuating. There is practically nothing that can't be dismissed by either widening the scope of the conspiracy or the idiocy of those supposedly being fooled by the conspiracy.
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    ACLU and activists say North Carolina anti-riot, looting bill is 'racist' and 'anti-BLM'

    If you truly think that was a word salad, then you need to work on your reading comprehension.
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    ACLU and activists say North Carolina anti-riot, looting bill is 'racist' and 'anti-BLM'

    "before there was much interest in Black people"??? Jim Crow laws started soon after the Civil War.
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    ACLU and activists say North Carolina anti-riot, looting bill is 'racist' and 'anti-BLM'

    There was BIPARTISAN support for some tough drug laws. Show me the list of tough drug laws that mainstream conservatives (not libertarians) refused to vote for. I'll wait.... The list goes on though. Poll taxes and literacy tests didn't specify black people, but were clearly used to...
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    ACLU and activists say North Carolina anti-riot, looting bill is 'racist' and 'anti-BLM'

    There was nothing overtly racist about drug laws, yet they were enacted due to racist fears and enforced disproportionately on black and brown people. No one is denying that these laws are being enacted due to fears of black people rioting. The BLM protests are being cited as the cause for the...
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    Gay Woman Comes to Terms with the Transphobia of her Genital Preferences

    Some people are attracted to inanimate objects. Some people are attracted to no one at all. Some people are very flexible in their attractions and some people are not. No one is obligated, to "get over" their personal preferences in sex partners. I do think that it was a great moment of...
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    U.N. Panel Issues Stark Climate-Change Warning

    I'm really sad how far things have come before we even started to take it seriously. Even now, we are moving way too slow. The longer we delay, the more we will lose and the more expensive things will be to correct.
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    U.N. Panel Issues Stark Climate-Change Warning

    Let's not deny the depths that humanity actually sinks to. That can be an even worse form of denial. Our capacity for willful ignorance and outright awfulness is baked in. One of the hallmarks of the worst crimes in human history has been denying the humanity of others. I assume this comment was...
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    Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect

    I'm just saying people are getting plenty of meat and it doesn't have to keep government subsidies on it. Certainly there are economic consequences to the ethical treatment of animals and management of limited ecological resources, but that is a side effect. It's a lot like how requiring...
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    Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect

    The amount of meat Americans eat is insane. Far more poor people suffer from diabetes an other problems related to over-consumption than those that suffer from hunger. We need address the fact that people can work forty hours and still be poor instead of giving them subsidized, unsustainable...
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    Apple will report images of child sexual abuse detected on iCloud to law enforcement

    My first take is that at the moment this is a private issue and not a government issue. This is just good stewardship and basic accountability on Apple's part at the moment. If you're worried about slippery slopes and government snooping, my guess is there are probably already secret...
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    Notes from Trump calls to Rosen show president asked Justice to say election was corrupt

    The video doesn't show what you think it shows. What conspiracy will you make up to explain why this supposed overcounting wasn't found in the multiple recounts?
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