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    A Start-up Forum

    Yep it can be hard slog starting out with a new forum
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    Quran burning event.

    Under the federal "Hate speech law" in Australia would this Guy be prosecuted for burning the Quran?
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    Quran burning event.

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    Australia's Gillard backs republic after Queen's death

    Monarchy sucks in principle, The concept of putting someone on a pedestal even if it is only a figure head is fundamentally flawed. If you think its good enough to put Ms Windsor Mountbatten up there on a pedestal why won't you put me there?
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    Quran burning event.

    Apparently pastor terry Jones has retracted his statement now and says the burning is only postponed because he was lied to!
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    Quran burning event.

    Hi Folks, Just wondering whats the Australian take on the Quran burning event?
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    Republicans Vote Against $8 Billion Health Bill for 9/11 Relief Workers

    Health care should be for everyone, rich, poor or indifferent!
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