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Missing you! Missing Winston (Wow! Gone almost 3 mos.). Belatedly, Happy 22nd Birthday!🎂
Stay on task (another Wow! Graduating Class of 2021); take Life in stride. As a dad with 3 surviving daughters, you know I Love ya! Most importantly, do your best to stay happy, healthy and outlive your parents.
Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the frauds of the American people actung as if they have power authority and jurisdiction over the 50 American states are the people U.S President candidate Rico Dukes is the only candidate in history to address the jurisdiction of the U.S. government. Trump and Biden fear to have a debate with candidate DUKES about jurisdiction
Checkerboard Strangler
Checkerboard Strangler
The second one is green screen.
Downloaded it and inspected both files, second one has an alpha channel and the first one does not.
2nd one is definitely green screen.
When I give a "Like" to a post, instead of showing my username, it shows "You". Does it show my username to others, just like I see theirs on "Likes", and just "You" when I am viewing?
So sorry to read about your beloved pet. We lost Lovebug some time ago, but are still grieving. Hugs.
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Elmer was a rescue. We had him for a short five years. I miss him and whenever I round a corner where I walked him I cry. I wish I could have had him for at least another five years.

Sorry for your loss. I suppose for some people it’s hard to understand that it’s like losing a family member. Hope you’ll able to enjoy another Lovebug. My days of enjoying their company is over.
We moved several times since, and had things in storage. Every time I open a box and happen upon one of her things, I start crying. Heck, I went back on our amazon shopping history and happened upon buying diapers for her (she wore them proudly), and tears started flowing.
A four-legged friend will never let you down.
Hi Swede! Thanks for the LIKE.
(isn't this place a disaster)
Don't be a stranger...Love ya; Emp~
Just to let anyone know, I'm probably not going to be on here anymore. This site has become a liberal echo-chamber at this point. There are conservatives on here, but most of them aren't even really conservative. They're more or less right-wing liberals. It may be controversial, but thats what I feel. I go on here less and less as time progresses. Otherwise, to all of DP, godspeed.
Casca XV
Appeal to Authority is the lowest form of debate. Assigning that Authority a Leftist Moms Basement Dweller writing articles for a Soros Funded so-called News site is pure retardation. That is what Most of the Leftist/Liberals on this forum do.
It's frustrating when you can't get people to see things your way - especially if your way includes praising what trump has done to this country in any way. Safe travels to you!
Hey Angel,how's it going ?
Well this is something different. I had to navigate all over to find my way in this site. It's been months since I've been here. I hope all is well and you and family are staying safe.

Stay safe with God's blessings
Galvanize test prep, Recently updated one information regarding about admission counselling they were offering free counselling for students
Yep, doing a bit better. I haven't had my appointment yet, but i am approaching ok.
Hey, are you starting to feel better? I hope your being probed by your Dr turned out well.
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