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Zombie voter shock for GOP in Kansas

Manc Skipper

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Jan 25, 2008
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Tee hee hee!

" Spooky happenings dominate Halloween in Kansas, where the Republican candidate for secretary of state, Kris Kobach, portrays himself as a corruption-fighter, claiming that "zombie voters" – people who died some time ago – are still casting ballots. Take one Alfred Brewer, Kobach told the press: born 1900, died 1996, yet still voting in Kansas. An outrage! Imagine, then, the horror that chilled the blood of the Wichita Eagle reporter who arrived at Brewer's home to find him raking leaves in the yard. "I don't think this is heaven," he observed wryly. "Not when I'm raking leaves." Gardening at 110? Actually, it turns out Brewer's a mere 78; "1 January 1900" is simply the placeholder that Kansas election officials use when they don't know someone's birthdate. "I'm as surprised as you are," Brewer assured the reporter..."

US midterms diary: Zombie voter alive and well
Elections in a freewheeling republic are always so entertaining. :)
So did this reporter actually verify his non-zombie status? Zombies can walk around ya know.
The constitution does not specify that you have to be alive to exercise your right to vote.
The constitution does not specify that you have to be alive to exercise your right to vote.


you sort of have to be alive to exercise any positive right, so why is voting an exception?
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