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Zimmerman to be charged with Involuntary Racism


May 11, 2013
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The Department of Social Justice is contemplating several charges against the racist George Zimmerman for his cold-blooded murder of the post-infant and minority representative Trayvon Martin.

Evidence compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Citizens has found Zimmerman to be guilty of at least several major civil rights-related crimes.

Having found no sign of racism in Zimmerman’s background, prosecutors plan to file charges of Involuntary Racism in the Commission of a Hate Crime, punishable by up to 20 years of labor in a correctional facility. Party officials believe this is the most appropriate charge based on the FBIC’s report.

However, some legal experts are also calling for additional charges, including Gross Negligence in the Commission of a Race Crime, as it is commonly believed that Zimmerman neglected to be properly racist when committing his crime. Neglecting the development of his racism, which is mandated by his White Hispanic background, makes Zimmerman a danger to society and in need of corrective incarceration.


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Zimmerman to be charged with Involuntary Racism

Just love it when satire speaks more of the truth than the lemmings of the Left.
I have heard the race baiters say that all White people, which means half of Zimmerman, are racist even if they don't know it and are therefore responsable just like the known racists.
So I suppose it's a good thing that contemplating isn't exactly the same as filing charges.

You should see some of the things I contemplate. Really scary ****.
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