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Zimmerman the bouncer: fight or pull the trigger?

Between 2001 to 2005 Zimmerman worked for two different agencies providing security to illegal house parties. It was reported that he was let go because he became a liability to the business due to his violent temper.

As a bouncer, Zimmerman had the interpersonal hand on experience of dealing with volatile confrontation in all kinds of hostile situations. He would have frequent dealings with individuals or groups from all walks of life including hardcore criminal elements. Getting into a fight and getting himself out of the situation is like bread and butter to him.

To be hired as a bouncer, most likely one has to have some background in criminal justice or has security experience besides looking tough and ferociously mean. Also, having played in some kind of rough contact sports, wrestling, martial arts, or had dealing in the past with real life combat skills such as street fighting skills are essential qualities in order to handle weapons such as broken bottles, flying chairs, knifes, guns, etc.

In the event of being put in a life threatening situation such as strangulation, head slam, or being pinned in a collar hold or choke hold, one must be able to apply effective counter techniques to get oneself out of the binding situation quickly.

Having been in that line of work, it would seem that "fearing for his life" in Zimmerman's case would be the very last thing to occur. He had to block and fight back fist with fist first and exhaust his physical capability before resorting to lethal weapon to justify killing in self-defense. Even then, he must show that there is imminent threat to his life if lethal force is not used.

Certainly, given his background, his claim of fearing for his life wouldn't be rearing its head so lightning fast , if ever, within three minutes of encounter with an unarmed teenager who, according to Trayvon's previous coach who had known him for years and from all his friends, had no prior history of confrontation with another person let alone involving in a fight.

Actually, from the point of two men on the ground, screaming and shot fired it was somewhere around 47 seconds. Not even a minute.

But, then previously when I posted this argument a supporter of Zimmerman argued that a person doesn't have to have any fighting skills or being rough and tough to be able to handle volatile situation. He argued that one could be hired as a bouncer if he was able to keep things peacefully under control before it gets into a heated situation.

Well, then, Zimmerman doesn't have that kind of temperament to do just that, keeping things peacefully under control. If he did, Trayvon would be alive today. And if he did, he won't have a history of violence against a law enforcement officer, or his ex-fiancee, or the drunk woman he flung across the room. So, what was it in Zimmerman that he was hired as a bouncer for some illegal private parties?

We also know that Zimmerman had history of domestic violence, resisting arrest and felony battery on a law enforcement office which were pleaded down and then dropped altogether.

In his application to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office for the Citizens Police Academic he mentioned those charges but as always, it is never Zimmerman's fault but is always the victim who threw the first punch even though it was Zimmerman who started the whole thing. Sounds familiar?

In his application he said that the officer never identified himself but assaulted him first. Hard to believe, isn't it? Again, sounds familiar?

That fatal night when Trayvon was killed, who failed to identify himself and who claimed who hit the first punch?

Why would an uncover officer have to come to Zimmerman and personally identify himself to him when he wasn't the one subject to an arrest?

At that time the officer was involved in a ATF sting for underage drinking. I'm sure the officer did a general announcement or identified himself personally to the underage youth he was about to arrest when Zimmerman saw fit to step into a police official business to intervene for his underage friend.

As I previously mentioned, Zimmerman worked as a bouncer from 2001 to 2005 and was then let go. I don't know whether Zimmerman was or wasn't a bouncer at that time of the ATF sting, but I'm baffled that while all his charges were pleaded down and dropped, why couldn't they charge him for contributing to the delinquency of a minor if he was working as a bouncer? In underage drinking, the bouncer and the bar would run into serious trouble with the law.

In the domestic violence case, Zimmerman countered filed against his fiancee alleging she assaulted him. Again, see a pattern here?

In most domestic violence case, when a woman filed a claim of domestic violence claim against the man, the man would most likely end up in jail and subsequently have a record. Most men do not know they can counter file against such claim to the effect of having the case dismissed as in Zimmerman's case.

I guess, if you have a judge for a father and a court clerk for a mother, you pretty much have it made to know your way around the legal maze which most people would be lost without a lawyer.

In 2005, he was allegedly fired from a security job for "being too aggressive" and throwing a female patron across the room. Apparently, this guy got some kinda temper issue that, according to his former co-worker: "When the dude snapped, he snapped.”

In Trayvon's case, could Zimmerman have snapped? That's a reasonable question.

Another point to consider is that in his old social media postings in Myspace he bragged about "friends went to jail rather than snitch on him". Apparently, he must have done some criminally wrongdoing and got away with it when his friends did not give up the incriminating evidence on him. It goes to show he can be untruthful.

Now, we can put all these bit and pieces of pictures of him and compare to the picture of him on that fatal encounter with Trayvon the night of Feb 26 and see if his self-portrait is the real deal as reflected by his past.

Well, judge for yourself, folks.

Zimmerman claimed Trayvon circled his vehicle and he was so afraid he rolled up his window to avoid the confrontation. Would that account sound anything consistent with his backeground as a bouncer?

If Trayvon was circling his vehicle as he claimed, wouldn't he have noticed that the object in his hand was simply a can of drink? So, how's that being suspicious?

At this point, Zimmerman never claimed that Trayvon made any threatening verbal threats or hand gestures. So, if Trayvon was inclined to be violent due to drug use, how is it that Zimmerman just described him as circling his truck and then simply walked away before he started running?

Does it make any sense here?

Now, bear in mind that while this supposedly circling stuff was going on, Zimmerman was on the phone with the dispatcher and he did not mention any of it.

Zimmerman claimed Trayvon confronted him as he was heading back to his truck and asked, "You got a problem?" And he said, "No". And then reached for his cell phone. I thought he was trying to figure out what was Trayvon up to no good that he was itching to find out. I mean, would a bouncer just roll over and raised his rear?

Zimmerman claimed Trayvon punched him, broke his nose and got on top of him on the ground. Well, not every bouncer is always alert and on the lookout for the surprised first punch. So, that's forgivable.

What's unforgiveable is what wasn't mentioned. Zimmerman never mentioned what he did when Trayvon supposedly reached out with his two hands to grab his head. Did he just lay there and watched that happened and not react?

How's that possible?

Zimmerman claimed Trayvon slammed his head repeatedly on the concrete while he was screaming for help. Laying there helpless with his two hands not doing anything but a mouth that could scream into the neighbors' 911 calls?

Big men fighting in that situation or any situation never ever screamed like that for help ever. And to think he once was a bouncer.

First of all, reflex kicked in and there's no time for that. What are you laying there just screaming, big shot wannabe? Couldn't you use your two hands to free his grip on your head or throw some punches to his face while his hands are both occupied?

Zimmerman claimed Trayvom had one hand on his nose and the other on his mouth. I gotta laugh at this. Besides, I kept wondering how did Trayvon managed to not get Zimmerman's blood on his hands? What happened to the bloody nose now?

No men ever fight like this. Grab and punches are the norm. Still, while Trayvon's hands are both busy, what was Zimmerman doing laying there with his two hands free?

And we are to believe he once was a bouncer or worked as a security guard? Either that or he was lying about that night. See the pattern here?

Everything he described was about the other side's aggression and what Trayvon did to cause fear for his life. Having a background in criminal justice, he knew he had to throw in some "fear factors" enough to make his story convincing to justify killing in self-defense, such as Trayvon circled him in his truck, scary! Or Being punched in the nose followed by repeated slamming on his head against the concrete. Deadly! Sure. Evidence? We'll have to wait and see.

Asphyxiation, no laughing matter when your mouth and nose is being forcefully covered and blocked.


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