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You're not gonna believe it...


Somewhere in Babylon
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Jan 12, 2010
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Somewhere in Babylon...
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Why GOD WHY!!!!!! WHY Do you have to ruin the smurfs!!!!!!!! :doh:(

Please please please let him be gargamel.

I still think that Hollywood has a huge list of things that they haven't officially ruined yet and they are just going down the list. Next there will be a Heathcliff 3D movie. This is what happens when the creativity well has run dry.
I just killed myself (both because of the upcoming atrocity war crime of a movie, and because of the post above)

Why GOD WHY!!!!!! WHY Do you have to ruin the smurfs!!!!!!!! :doh:(

I saw the trailer for this the other night, when I went to see Toy Story 3.
I'm not optimistic.
I'm about to get under a sheet and have a screaming fit about how they should leave the Smurfs alone...total Chris Crocker style.

I'm looking forward to it because I know my kids will LOVE it and right now they hate the smurfs cartoon so I never get to watch it.
This, then, will make the cartoon popular in home . . . and will benefit me greatly.

It's my plot - so far so good.
If they had to have a Smurfs movie, it should be true to the original in the village with Gargamel and everything... I swear if it's a ****ing movie where it's the classic "Smurfs go to New York" I am gonna ****ing track down the writer, and murder him in his sleep!

Of course i'm joking but...

There was 1000 better ways to make a smurfs movie... I see this being a bigger disapointment then the live action version of Garfield!
I will be boycotting this movie.
It's cute to see people rebel as they age because things change :)
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