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Your MONEY or your LIFE


Jan 14, 2005
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I was listering to Bull "'Phone sex "" O'Reilly the other day.
1st he's bragging about how great he is and How much MONEY he makes and he is CRYING about the idea that he is supporting our seior citizen's with his tax money !!

I heard the same from RUSH-IT Sean ''Chiken hawk "" Hannity
Jay C.H Sevreant (WTKK Boston ) Howie Carr ( WRKO BOSTON ) I have a list a mile long but I think you get the idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now keep in mind when other brave men and woman were being sent to Veitnam losing their LEG'S ARM'S MIND'S and let's not forget their LIFE'S
This little GUTLESS wonder found a way to get out of the DRAFT !!!

So sense he say's he pay's A LOT MORE THAN his fair share !! What does he say to our BRAVE man / woman who came back MISSING their ARM'S , Leg"s ,
Minds , and let's not forget their LIFE
They paid a WHOLE LOT more than their fair share !!!!!!!!

""" So whats more important your MONEY or your LIFE """""""""

Look I hate it when I see some old preson who comes here from another country at the age of 55 65 70 years old and wants us to support them

OR the welfare quien who just sit around having baby's drinking ,taking drugs

However these are our senior citizens they lived though the depression
world war 2 , koeira , Vietnam ,

I don't know about I was brought up to resepect my eldres!!!
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