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You Live....where?

my pointy thing is bigger than my state!!!:mrgreen:
I can't seem to add myself to the map :(

Anyway, I live here
GarzaUK said:
Brighton? Ewwwww. lol And I thought I had it bad in Belfast lol lol.

Brighton is the centre of the universe!
galenrox said:
Haha, I think you meant CHICAGO is the center of the universe!

No! Much as I enjoyed my now distant and sadly brief visit to Chicago (lovely city) it is Brighton that is the centre of the universe.
Duluth, MN, 150mi. NNE of Minneapolis/St. Paul, tip of Lake Superior(cause it is superior to the Pacific), pop. about 86,000-87,000, and yes, it did snow a few weeks ago(for a few minutes).
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