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Jan 14, 2005
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Hi Vauge You give me more credit than I deserve YOU really think I good with computers well thats a JOKE :p HA! HA! HA! :D HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! :eek:

Look I never have taken A computer course in my life!..Plus the fact I have CLUBS not FIGURES in fact I just LOST 1/2 hour of typing time because I CLICKED the wrong KEY .....

I type about 6-10 words per MINUTE if I lucky so this is a CHOIR A VERY HARD CHOIR........ So when you ask me to use BOLD instead of CAPS I have to BOLD or underline a WHOLE sentence not THOSE ONE TWO OR THREE word I USE in CAPS!

PM ? Well I try to tell if I either gave some one a PM that just may be MISUNDERSTOOD or If I post something in forum I want you to READ ..

I use the computers in the EVERETT TECH CENTER or a public library and I ask them HOW DOES your BOLD and UNDERLINE system work and they CAN NOT help me.......

I ask WHAT this GREY box for and they DO NOT know .....

I do not know COMPUTER but you want to play DEBATE POLITICS well

BRING IT ON......but put on you DANCING :hm SHOES BABY it's time ROCK & ROLL ............HARD BALL

Alrighty then.

BTW, we all started out as hunt and peckers.
When you answer or make a post--- right under "font", the first letter is a B Hit that to make your text bold. you don't need caps -- we can read it better like this.

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