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You Can't Handle The Truth


Jan 14, 2005
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In Boston talk radio for the past month or so one of the bigest topics was the Milton acedamy sex scandel .........I told A talk show host that things today are not as bad as they seem ........Meaning even 20-30-40 years ago their were girls having sex with multple sex partners..... However we just did not talk about it was A dirty little secret ..........Look I was never one of those so called kids ..........However I knew if you were part of that so called in group. the girls would have sex with them just to be part of the group

Pop up spell check is killing me ( I can not get spell check to work )

The talk show host did not like what I had to say so he cut me off .

Look I realize he wants to keep his aduidance happy and a lot of them are 50-60-70+ and Christan and they do not want to hear this type of stuff......

And A again I must say man hears what he / she want to hear and disgards the rest ........

The Truth
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