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You Can Do It Helen!!!


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Feb 19, 2005
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in the middle of America
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Helen Thomas, long time White House Reporter and as a "reporter" , liberal and one with plenty of bias who now works for the Hearst Newspapers, has said that if Vice President Dick Cheney runs for President - quote - "I will kill myself!"

I remember in the election between Bush and Gore that one of the "Bald Ones" said he would leave the country if Bush won the Presidency. He's still here.

I remember when Robert Redford said he would move to Ireland if Bush was elected the second time. He's still here.

I wonder. Do these Hollywood and media types think that when they threaten to disown us because we may vote like they wouldn't that we will miss them, dead or alive? They sound serious when they talk but then it's over and you hear nothing else. Seems strange, kinda like 4th grade.

I hope Helen hangs around. But just in case; I think Jack Kevorkian should be consulted so it is painless and maybe even fun. She hasn't been doing to well on her own and it would be terrible if she botched it.
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Helen Thomas is a senile old bag that should have retired 30 years ago........She is and embarrassment............
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