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You can bet America will love this liberal tax plan!


Dec 17, 2004
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How America could love a Liberal tax plan!

It will begin on Sunday, and last for a week. Then it will resurface in larger-than-life form again in March. It is the key to Liberal Democrats getting on the right side of the tax debate! What is this miracle?

Sports betting!

Billions of Dollars will be wagered on events especially the Super Bowl and March Madness of the NCAA basketball tournament in the next few months. The truth is, were it more available, and better regulated, the amount could grow to enormous proportions. Currently, full-scale sports betting is only legal in Nevada. It is tolerated though not fully legal online. Were Las Vegas hotels allowed to offer online wagering accounts to adults throughout our country and the world, it could change the fortunes of the Democratic party.

We could begin a shift of the tax burden from mandatory and necessary activities such as work, shelter, clothing, etc. and move it to leisure and luxury items. The benefit to current gamblers would be the security of government regulation. While others who now deal in small personal wagers or never would do anything not completely legal would have a viable option.

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....the greatest potential to eliminating the tax burden that currently can't be avoided is to decriminalize illegal activity that is occurring in droves, and tax and regulating it. The three large areas are drugs, gambling, prostitution.

I agree with the current stigma attached to all three and believe as a society it should continue. In addition, we should add alcohol consumption into this class. Yet, the demand for these persists, so I believe they should be made legal for adults, and responsible people can work to deal with the resulting problems. This approach actually works better than making them illegal, and acting as if the problem was solved.

Sports betting in particular is a great way to increase tax revenue, and take a large criminal element out of society. Some crimes are so heinous that the society must stand against them 100% at all times. However, betting on a game is not in this class.

The key to this tax proposal is that people hate paying taxes....

Anything we as Liberals can do to make it less painful will help us as we promote big ideas to advance this great land.

Democrats wake up!!!

Let's get to work finding ways to raise the revenue needed to offer universal healthcare (with choice/flexibility), a quality education (in a marketplace), a strong military and other necessary government programs without having the American people resenting Big Government because of the price tag.

Craig Farmer

making the word "liberal" safe again
one problem the goal of the government above all else is to protect our rights, make beneficial laws with high moral quality and to allow its citizens to pursue life liberty and hapiness.

all 3 of the "taxable" activities you mentioned destroy lives and should be activly fought against so that they may be eliminated one day.
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