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You are So...


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Mar 13, 2005
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Hey Im Ben I wouldnt mind a veteran showing me the ropes to get me started on these forums but after i learn the basics ill be blowing your minds with my statements and you all will be like where did this genius come from

Pull up a chair and sit a spell, Ben. :) To get you started, at the end of every thread you have a reply button. Click on that to squawk away. :) Over the reply box there are different icons to help you.
Have Fun and Happy Posting !
:wcm to Debate Politics!

Jump in... tell us what you think of the topics.

The best advice I can give would be to not take anything personal when folks rebute your statements. Even if folks think you are in the wrong, they want to know your opinion and WHY you think that way.

Who knows, we all might learn something in the process. ;)
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