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You are all Hypocrites!!!

The end of political hypocrisy is near. I can feel it! That’s part of the reason this blog exists. Oftentimes, members of my own party don’t or don’t want to admit how hypocritical they are. This then leads to, liberals who use that against us. The liberals are masters at taking things up and blowing them out of proportion. The feisty conservative talk show and radio host Ann Coulter wrote a book called Demonic, last year. Its subtitle was writely (see what I did there?) entitled How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.

In Demonic, Coulter lays out the perfectly logical conclusion that the liberals are like a crazy, anarchistic mob that is drunk with power and full of anti-tolerant contradictions. Now, of course a vocal conservative like herself wouldn’t admit in her own book targeting her right wing fans, that Conservatives are almost exactly the same way. I have repeated many times that I am not an ideologue. People from both sides of the isle automatically paint that as bad. They say, “How dare you have no principles?”

I say, how could I? Remember I came to like modern day politics by studying conspiracy theories! Never quite believing that the Government was out to get me, and that Men in Black were hiding behind every bush, I soon started to follow actual political events, actual news stories, and yes the actual inner workings of our current government system. Not, how a liberal or a conservative wishes the government works. How it actually works! I soon found out that the government wasn’t run by a secret society!!! GASP. Yet, no matter what side of the isle I was defending the other side would scream at me for not believing in their silly conspiracy about how they think the government works. Weather that would be debating with 9/11 truthers, Benghazi Truthers, Bush Haters, Global Warming Doomsdayers, Obama Conspiracy theorists, ObamaCare Conspiracy theorists, or gun lovers who think any new gun laws are an immoral infringement on their constitutional rights. I soon came to the conclusion, not too long ago that it’s all hypocrisy! The reason why politics seems so crazy, so convoluted, and so confusing, is because it is!

I love how the internet believes that they seem to know more than the politicians and lawyers who do this stuff on a daily basis. When debating members of my own party about ObamaCare, they seem to think that it’s unconstitutional, even though the Supreme Court has upheld ObamaCare. It is now the law! I’ve had some conservatives go far as to tell me that the Supreme Court has no power to make laws constitutional or not. Well, then I guess every law ever decided by the Supreme Court is wrong huh? Similarly, Global Warming activists go on and on about how every storm that doesn’t quite fit their human standard of what a storm should be is irrefutable evidence of Global Warming. As if Mankind somehow makes Hurricanes bigger without really explaining how that is exactly possible.

The problem here is that the leaders of these partisan political movements are all 100% hypocrites. There are no politicians that are not hypocrites!

Why do democrats want the government to take care of them? Of course, this is a typical GOP talking point, but it’s not far from the truth. The rich dems do not want to get taxed to death, but they are willing to help the poor people funding many different government programs that may or may not work. My question is this. Wouldn't that suit more with the religiously minded people? In reality, most democrats hype up the fact that they are open minded culturally aware individuals who allow people to believe whatever they want. In Christianity, or a fundamentalist in any other religion will want the people to be oppressed and controlled by whatever ground rules the religion/God states and the traditions held by the followers of those rules for years. I would think the conservative fundamentalist Christians would want to have more government not less. Again, this is strictly speaking from a philosophical viewpoint. Whereas it’s the democrats who always hype about how open minded they are they should be the ones rooting for a freer and open government, yes?

Why do republicans like corporations so much? Now, this of course is a democratic talking point but it’s not far from the truth. Republicans love the free market and almost worship it. But, the republicans do not like change, they do not like innovation. They like the status quo. They think being progressive is like being gay...a sin! They like things the way they are. If some members of my party got their way we would still be living in 17th century England! It's true. Yet, Republicans continue to fuel change and fuel innovation by loosening up regulations of the world's top corporations allowing them to do pretty much whatever they want as long as they continue to make money by making their products. Who invents? Corporations. Who changes the world? Corporations leading with technological innovations that they buy from the progressives who think them up!

Shouldn't democrats have a religion? Is the democratic religion secularism? Or even atheism? That doesn't make much sense. For a time, many democrats were socially conservative. Maybe even moreso, than the republicans. For instance, the democrats did not want to end slavery. Socially Conservative Democrats like Truman had a strong relationship with Israel back in the day. I think democrats have been searching very far and very long for a religion to endorse and cannot seem to agree with one. Some like secularism, some like Islam, and some even say global warming can be a religion as well as being gay. But that's hardly the majority of their party. In fact, most Muslims would be socially aligned with the republicans!!!! Especially the fundamentalist terrorist groups! In fact, I believe they are considered more conservative in their countries.

Now, the national religion for the republicans is almost with certainty Christianity. Many republicans back in the 80s and 90s called America a Christian Nation! Some still do today. However, Christianity is not the nation’s religion, in fact, many of the founding fathers were Freemasons and they had an unkind relationship with the church. Some scholars go so far as to say that the founding fathers on multiple occasions created America so that it can be against the Church of England, which the King was ultimately the head of!

Now, I understand the republicans love for guns for instance, but if OWS really wanted to accomplish anything and start a real revolution, they would have gotten guns!!!!!! Most of those hippies probably didn't even know how to use a gun, much less understand state laws on how to obtain one. No, I am not calling for a revolution or anything of the sort. I am just pointing out the insane thinking that goes on inside both political parties written from a truly unbias perspective. Again, the tea party protests were and continue to be mostly peaceful protests with little to no incidents. Is it because all the people there are "carrying?" Hardly! Yet, both after Newtown are still to this day bickering about Gun Rights, when in reality, More or less gun laws aren’t going to stop the crazy people! Because once someone is in a state of mind that wants to go out and kill a bunch of people, he’s no longer thinking rationally. That is the real problem! Every single shooting spree was done by a crazy person. There is no justification for that. They were also all various forms of libertarians.

Most of the rest I can see how the ideology fits in with the two party systems for instance, immigration. Democrats want less regulation and Republicans want more, but that in itself is a contradiction, because it’s usually the reverse for everything else on each side. Republicans want more regulation for marijuana and democrats want it legalized etc...

The thing I guess to take from this is that politics is not black and white or red and blue. People can believe what they believe, but this is what the majority of the parties believe and sometimes what they believe does not match with their other ways of thinking!

If you are confused by reading this post I suggest if you were to re-read anything you should re-read this paragraph. Ron Paul recently, went to the UN to ask to have a website that was being used in his name without his permission to get it back! Ron Paul believes in less government and no UN at all! He is a hypocrite! They (Paulbots) are trying to blow it over. They just say, while we don't agree with Ron Paul's decision and we think it's wrong, he has the right to do it. After Romney, Al Gore, and Ron Paul I think the time for political hypocrisy is coming to an end, especially now with more people paying attention than ever before. Now, if we can only get Obama...



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Feb 6, 2013
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What a great post! This very issue caused me to contemplate the reasons the parties cannot be rational and consistent. Thank you for a good post that frames my post that I have been working on the last few days.


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Jan 21, 2013
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I read some of your post. I think we have the same thinking. We seem to both want a moderate third party. I'm not talking about the third party that the libertarians dream of. Jon Huntsman was talking about something like this too. Seems he is as lost as we are, but he took it one step further and has stepped out of the Republican Party and trying to bring awareness to this issue.

However, I don't think a third party is a viable option because too many people are comfortable with the Republicans and Democrats and none of the other progressives, communists, libertarians, tea partiers really want another party. Moderates generally don't care enough about partisan politics and we hold our nose and vote for our respective issues. I'm a proud Romney supporter, still am, but I hated when he tried to appeal to the Tea Partiers. He shouldn't have done that because he fractured my party more by turning them against us. He couldn't make them believe he was one of them, sadly and he lost, partially because of that.
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