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Yep! The Government's Response to Hurricane Katrina was Obama's Fault!

Glen Contrarian

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Jun 21, 2013
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Not so long ago, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal said that the GOP must stop being "the party of stupid". Well, yesterday the news broke that 29% of Louisiana Republicans blamed Obama for the government's response to Hurricane Katrina, 28% blamed George W. Bush, and 44% "weren't sure". In other words, more Republicans directly blamed Obama than Bush, and nearly half simply "weren't sure" whether it was Obama or Bush 43 that was more to blame.

Hurricane Katrina happened in 2005 - Barack Obama was then eight months into his term as the freshman senator from Illinois. Now given the low information level of many Americans I could sort of understand if these were the results of Republicans in, say, Alaska...but this was in Louisiana where 1,800 died in the hurricane!

It looks like Jindal was right, that the GOP really is the party of stupid...and it looks like they've got a LONG way to go to lose that label.
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