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One of the more curious aspects of popular American culture is the thousand stereotypical boxes there are - as many as possible - for which a diametrically oppose box is also created. These boxes are created by the media. With each new two opposite thought-belief and self-identity containment box created that then nearly everyone rushes to get inside one or the other - declaring their total unshakable truth of their box and professing their pure contempt of the opposite box and the people of it.

Which opposing boxes most matter at the time also is dictated by the media. This is rapidly changed to keep anyone from being focused on anything for too long. The media is the great national pacifier. Live their realities as if they are your own.

The only people more despicable and declared ignorant than the people in the opposing box are those people who won't get into or declare loyalty to either of the two. Indeed, many people refuse to even believe such a person can even exist and must be just a fake trying to make trouble.

On the topic of LGTBs and SSM, there are only two views on this forum - for which there is some allowance of specifics within those two:

1. Homosexuality is immoral or inferior to heterosexuality, for which is it a social detriment that should not be declared equal to heterosexuality.

2. Homosexuality is a physically based birth variance/defect from normal people - thus those abnormal people deserve equal protection under the law as a fashion of an ethnic minority because it is an unavoidable and unchangeable at-birth condition.

Pick one of two. ONLY one of those two. And furiously defend it and anyone who doesn't is evil.

The non-in-the-box view that there are 1,001 variations of sexuality and that people commonly change their sexuality in terms of gender interests, continual monogamy, serial monogamy, physical appearances that attract, personalities that attract, being poly, bi, group sex, and about every other possible variable and changing for which there actually is no different between people is absolutely unacceptable. It is very hard to have any self-defined "us" and "them" in that view, nor any basis for claiming superiority or making condemnations. Not anything to argue about either.

The claim that we are all the same "us" with total and equal rights and freedom under the law to be and do whatever the hell we want to is a total rejection of live-within-you-selected box and a reject of the boxes-society as least for myself. Therefore, xeonophobia can not allow nor accept such people or anything they say.

While living in defined boxes and xenophobia may be engrained in people as a species as a necessity of having a social structure, I more suspect it is something a person is conditioned to from their birth - the reason that each culture if isolated from other cultures is often very different from others. Since I was not so conditioned in my childhood it seems really weird to me. Mostly, I don't understand why people would agree to defining themselves within that system.

Not everyone does so on everything. There are people who are exceptions and people who take exceptions in some instances. Depending upon who they are or aren't defined as kooks.

I apply the word xenophobia to this. The extreme difficulty of many people to accept that anyone is outside the boxes or otherwise different from them than they are familiar with. The most common personal attacks of me are not topic based. Rather, they will pull various messages of my personal life or history and declare it unbelievable because it is so different - and therefore can not exist.

Those attacks often are furious, ridiculing and nearly always will way out of their way to exaggerate and misstate what I posted to try to prove I do not exist. That is a common personal attack tactic on the forum - to sidestep the topic of someone who intensely disagrees with you and to declare that opponent doesn't even exist and is a fake.

I greatly appreciate this forum. It is an outstanding educational tool for me in many ways.

Nor it is a criticism of the forum for how xenophobic it is, given much of society is that way. This forum is not culturally or ideals diverse. It is conventional, popular American white middle class - liberal/conservative - but the same. To know the culture of the forum is simply to watch TV. Anything culturally on TV for middle America is here - provided it is not too extreme. Everything else is not. Of course, there is a lot of diversity within TV/media culture. For example, TV and the media often portray violence. But it not possible anyone of such a history can't really exist on the forum. Nor can certain levels of success or failure. Too extreme. Too not average.

While it recognized there are other cultures as cultures, such people of those cultures basically can not exist on this forum because they are too unfamiliar. The forum members for the most part also demands that people be typically average - for what is culturally average in middle America.
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