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XBOX Kinect Anyone interested in this?


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Nov 17, 2009
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Sic fi Nerd alert :mrgreen: I am so going to get this for the gaming system its looks like an awesome thing to get for gamers.
Natal *is* Xbox Kinect. But yeah, the Milo demo is fantastic.

Oops my bad. Not a huge XBOX fan boy, it must be said.
Thing is a year on and no mention of Milo, even at this years E3.
Wait i think the first video the OP dude posted was the Milo thing just with a different character.
Natal *is* Xbox Kinect. But yeah, the Milo demo is fantastic.

Molyneux's projects have a tendency to be way, way overhyped and overblown.
Molyneux dreams so big, he will never reach the level of hype he sometimes generates. It's ok though, I still love the games. From what I've read recently is that Milo is not currently planned for release, but odds are parts of it will end up in future projects. It was more of a cool proof of concept tech demo.

As for Kinect, I think I'll probably save up for it. Not sure how many quality "core gamer" type games it will get, but I think it will at the very least be something great for casual family gaming, which I'm ok with. My mother in particular is pushing hard for me to get Kinect after seeing the demo of Kinectimals, lol. ;-) And though it looked a bit stiff and on rails, I think I'd still have a blast with the Star Wars game too :)
:eek: Must ... stay loyal .... to ... Sony
I was mostly interested in it for moving through the user interface. Fighting games, perhaps. When it comes to action/adventure titles, I would not want to it to be "on rails", I would like to use the technology to allow me to move around the environment, or otherwise, give me a peripheral to do such movement. Microsoft has been very adamant about the lack of emphasis on peripherals for games, which is both good and bad. For some activities, driving, or shooting, I would think it would be more attractive to have that additional prop to give some feedback and weight to make it also seem more natural to the user. It has great potential for marketers, like The Gap, to allow someone to "try on" clothes and what not. The skeptical part of me says that Microsoft plays these add-ons rather half-assed. It could be that there will not be much of a market for their device, and only a "few" uses for the product will come up. Then there is the worry about whether or not the product will be tossed aside if Microsoft foresees itself needing to move into a "next" generation. Would the product thus be compatible with the new unit? If so, are developers coming on board? Do we need a new Kinect unit?
**Snore** It's a gimmick. It'll go the same way the Virtual Boy and PowerGlove did and be lost to the bowels of videogame history.
Not really all that interested in it. It seems more gimiky, and I like an actual controller.
Not really all that interested in it. It seems more gimiky, and I like an actual controller.

I would also be worried that while the technology is impressive, we will have a great many issues with accuracy or even recognition. Though it was a long time ago, a demonstration of the Natal project on network late night tv was enough to give people pause because apparently, kicking and dodging balls requires that one "get used to the system first" before becoming skilled players.
More interested in the 3DS. That thing looks amazing.
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