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WSJ: The Clinton Business Model...


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Sep 24, 2012
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What we have here is a crystalline illustration of the Clinton political business model. Stretch the nonprofit laws to help political friends, who help the Clintons in return. Use political influence to leverage cash from government for a supposedly virtuous cause that is also a for-profit venture. Then when this sleazy deal-making is exposed, claim that everybody does it and hope the media give them another pass.

Voters can’t be sure of what they’ll get if they vote for Mr. Trump this fall, but they certainly do know what they’ll be getting if they vote for Mrs. Clinton. More crony capitalism, ethical corner-cutting and self-serving political deals.
The Clinton Business Model . . .

So if no laws were broken what is the problem? Climate change is a legitimate problem for any charity to address. You won't accept a carbon tax to pay for it and now even a charity cannot help reduce our dependency on fossil fuels?

"President Clinton has established many friendships and professional connections throughout his career in public service. It is not surprising that many of the same people who have worked with him to make a difference and improve the world would continue their (work) through CGI," Minassian, the foundation's spokesman, said in a statement to CNN.

Minassian further accused the Journal of recycling "tabloid gossip" and said the article "ignored the facts about CGI's model, President Clinton and CGI's commitment to combating climate change, and how impact investment works."

"Many for-profit companies are addressing climate change through CGI and helping reduce dependency on fossil fuels," he added.

Clinton Foundation rejects claims it aided friends | Politics - WCVB Home
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