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Wounded Veteran Raising Millions for Border Wall on GoFundMe Page


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Jan 29, 2015
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Wounded Veteran Raising Millions for Border Wall on GoFundMe Page​

After three days, a GoFundMe page started by a Purple Heart recipient to help pay for a border wall has more than $6 million from more than 100,000 people as of this writing.... This comes as Congress appears unlikely to give President Donald Trump the funding he wants to help pay for his key campaign promise.

GoFundMe campaign to 'fund the wall' blows past $9 million in three days​
A GoFundMe campaign to raise $1 billion to build President Donald Trump’s promised wall at the U.S.-Mexico border raised $1 million in two days and hit the $9 million mark on Thursday evening. More than 16,000 people helped it to the million-dollar mark on Wednesday, giving sums from $5 to four digits.

Now that the Go Fund Me campaign for the Wall has made headlines, a lot of people are raising questions about it and if it can actually be designated for the Wall without action by incoming Progressive Democrats in congress? The amounts being reported, are they actual donations or pledges?
I donated, thousands are being donated each minute in small amounts. This speaks volumes for Americans who want border security. We have a voice, we want the wall, we want to help fund it since the Dems are resisting. What I can not understand at all is how anyone can be against it. Have you not been keeping up with the caravan? They are not trying to seek asylum. This caravan is merely a ploy started by the Progressive Marxist Socialist Democrats. A ploy to one-up Trump, People are dying because of the stupidly. They were warned not to try to enter our country illegally, but they're ignored the warnings.
What would happen if YOU tried to enter Iran illegally "even accidentally". Please....I’ll wait
I totally support this funding campaign. Trump promised Mexico would pay for the wall, but if his dumbass supporters want to do it for them instead then it's their money to waste.
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