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Wouldnt You Like to be a Butthead Too?


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Aug 27, 2005
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Houston, TX
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Now for a little fun, courtesy of a couple of buttheads.

First of all, read this thread for the background to this proposition.

Deegan and I have been at each other's throats for over a year now, and as the butthead who is creating this thread, I have a healthy respect for the other butthead who helped give me this idea.

Deegan and I have a little bet going. If Patrick Fitzgerald shows by either indictment, or by statement, that the Niger forgeries came from the White House, Cheney's office, or the Pentagon, I win, and Deegan is going to put the following in his sig:

Deegan said:
I was wrong, Dan pwned my butt, he now has my scalp.

Of course, if Deegan wins, I put the following in my sig:

danarhea said:
Look at me. I am a butthead who just biatch-slapped himself.

The loser's sig will stay up for 30 days.

It might appear that Deegan and I are having a contest to see who the biggest butthead in this forum is, and naturally, we are both rooting for each other to take the title. LOL. But at least he and I are putting up and not shutting up. We are also having fun, and face it, its not if you win or lose, its how much fun you have (hopefully at the other guy's expense - LOL). Who else wants to put their money where their mouths are, and make this really fun? :)

Pick a side, pick something really self-derogatory to put in your sigs if you lose, and post it right here in this thread. That puts you in consideration for a title of "Right Honourable Butthead", by English common law according to Monty Python, and in direct proportion to the amount of tequila I have ingested this evening. Entries will be judged by the nominating committee, consisting of "Right Honourable Butthead Deegan" and myself, "Right Honourable Butthead DanaRhea". All decisions will be final. If not accepted, you will not be allowed to call either one of us an Asshole.

You are not going to let Deegan and me be the only buttheads in this forum who are having fun, are you? Wouldnt you like to be a butthead too? :)

Lets all get in the spirit of this bet, and meanwhile, I will get in the spirit by having another drink, but you have probably already figured that out by now. LOL.
Contest over. I claim victory. All bow to king of buttheads. Disputes?

BAH! Bow to this bitch (I'll let you imagine just what "this" is). If you're the king of buttheads, I'm the ****ing God.
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