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Worst job/job experience



Post either your worst job in general, or worst thing that has happened at your job.

I used to work at Chuck E. Cheese, nuff said. The employees were great, but the customers...

I was the gameroom attendant. Let me ask yall a question

If every game or ride is only one token, and it doesn't work after the first token, why would you put 4 more in the game, and then complain about how many tokens you lost?

Biggest pet peeve while working there;

When I was trying to fix the game, people standing over me, tapping their foot, waiting, like there aren't 50 other games you could play until I fixed the game.
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Well, From Age 13 to age 16, my job was to bag manure for sale at the local garden & feed store.....NASTY!
I guess you could say "the world needs ditch diggers too", but I'm glad my childhood & the jobs that came with it are long over.
Probably the worst job I ever had was working as a gas station attendant after my regular job. For some crazy idea I thought that might be a fun job. Crappiest job I ever had. The stupidest customers were those who wanted me to check their coolant while it was overheated. This was in the early 1970s before the self-service pumps of today.

The hardest job I ever had was working for a concrete contractor shoveling concrete. I must have burned 20,000 calories a day. Once the pour starts, you don't stop until its over with.
My first job after leaving school was on a local farm.Daily I had to clean out the stables which was quite unpleasant,but I coped with it well.
The worst thing was when I was told to bury a goat that had been dead for six weeks,it was really rotten and disgusting and full of maggots!
When I picked it up it's leg nearly came off.Where I was told to bury it was on some marshy peat bog,the hole I dug quickly filled up with water and I had to weigh the body down with rocks to sink it.
All in all a really nasty experience,especially for a sixteen yr old.I think if the water authority had been informed,the farmer would have been in trouble.
I'm a nurse. You don't want to know!
I was never a gas station attendant...

Although, at one point in time, I was a dispenser of oxidized methalene...
15 years ago, my first job, construction kind a. I was 15, and started to hang with some mate employees there. Realised they were really serious guys from underground world. My first salary was spent entirely on drugs. We went shopping, they loaded their bags full of any stuff from the shelfs, food, beer anything we needed to have. Just walked out of store, none of the cashiers dared to say a word. Then we took shitloads of drugs and drove like maniacs with a powerful car. ****ing nice, no-one cares what happens in the next turn. We turned. Hahahahahaha. Drove to centre. Climbed on the roof of a high building, a posthouse, don´t know why. Found out. One of these guys had peculiar hobby. He´s collecting different trams from the streets with his superarm. Like there is number 7, and he lifted it up! After a while he grabbed #3 from too long...10-floored building, falls straight in front of a bus-stop, full of people waiting for a bus. Did we have the best laugh on that...
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