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World Series Picks

Who will win the World Series?

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Mar 5, 2008
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Who do you think will win the World Series?

Poll fixed.
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Do yall think that this poll would get more response if the Yankees and Phillies were going to the big dance? Personally I watch the WS every year. This one is special to me because my Rangers are in it for the first time.
While a very good, point Im supporting the Rangers because they have yet to get the title. Its been years since Ive actually watched the World Series.

True. I just felt as a Red Sox fan I should go with the basic "I don't care as long as it isn't the Yankees" lines
Dun care about how many responses this gets really. If you don't watch the WS because your team is not in it, you are not a real baseball fan.
Since they beat the Braves, screw the Giants, go Rangers!
Never thought in my life time I would see the WS here in the Metroplex:confused:

Giants cause the other team is from Texas and was owned by Bush.. !
Rangers in 7
I scored tickets to game 4 Saturday to watch my Rangers whoop the Giants.
Yes I am, I hope they sweep the Giants so I can be there. This is awesome.
I have to admit World Series atmosphere is really really fun. I am just sad that the Red Sox won it in Colorado in '07. Oh well at least I got to a game.
Giants cause the other team is from Texas and was owned by Bush.. !

Rangers because they are the underdogs...and they was owned by Bush :shrug: Actually, not really a baseball fan. I just hope it's over in 4 so we can forget about it until spring.
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I refuse to believe you can win the World Series with that rotation. I found them to be lucky to get past the two best teams in baseball this year - the Rays and Yankees.

Giants in 6.
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