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Wimbledon's "no tiebreaker in the final set" rule leads to 11 hour tennis match


Oct 19, 2009
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The epic match that finally ended: Isner beats Mahut – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs

Nicolas Mahut sat his prize down and took a big breath as the Wimbledon crowd applauded for him.

After the match was immediately over, Mahut buried his head in his towel, frustrated with the loss. Still, Mahut acted like a champion, speaking on court after the match.

Eleven hours and five minutes - and three days after their match first started - it is finally over. John Isner put a three-day match to rest with a final shot that gave him the 70-68 tiebreaker win in the fifth set.

I heard about this - and am surprised that it lasted over several days. . . shows how much I know about tenni' - I thought they were going at it for 11 hours straight. :rofl
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