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Will Scooter Libby be charged?

Will Scooter Libby be charged?

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Oct 13, 2005
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The boondocks
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At issue here is getting down to the bottom of who leaked the name of Joe Wilson's wife and in doing so, violated the Espionage Act. This is rumored to ahve occured as an act of retribution for Wilson wrecking a key argument for invading Iraq. Libby maintains that while he talked with reporters, he did not mention her name. Fast forward several months and you have some interesting things surfacing.

Miller "finds" notes on her meetings with Libby

Miller implicates Libby

So according to her, she didn't testify in order to protect her source, and then Libby's lawyer seemed to imply that she should only testify if it was advantageous to Libby. Fitzgerald works a deal out with her and now we have more pieces of the puzzle in-line.

So, will Libby be indicted?
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